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Discover the easiest way to create the financial wellness you desire and to significantly reduce financial woes you currently have

…even if you’ve never had any success before.

We’ll show you the easy way to achieve Financial Wellness!

Financial Wellness isn’t just about money

We love our way of creating financial wellness because it’s so simple.

Financial wellness is about how the whole of your life feels to you. It’s about making sure that the most important people in your life, including you, are provided for in a way that feels fabulous to you!

For us… we say “Financial Wellness = Wealthy Mindset + Prioritised Values + Life Filled with all you desire to be, do & have.”

I was so tired of just about getting the ends to meet

We’re taught “Hard work = Comfortable Life” – demolishing the biggest misconception people have about success.

Work hard at school, you get good grades.

Work hard in your job, you get promotions.

Work hard in business, you’ll make money.

I used to eat up the “hustle” mentality as if all my life depended on it. “If I just work harder, then I’ll get to that next level of success and then I’ll be happy”.

But it was becoming a parent that opened my eyes to what financial wellness meant. It was about so much more than money. Sure money was part of it. But peace of mind and fun were a huge part of it for me. On the day of my childrens birthday party in October 2015, I received two letters from the bank advising me of 0.5% increase on two mortgages we had. The interest rate increase was random and in no way related to market changes.

This terrified me as it would push us very close to the edge financially. It scared me that the bank could do this repeatedly and we had no control over it. It was at that point that I ardently decided my financial wellness would be of my design and so I set about working with my wealth mentor. From that point, my life transformed to an unrecognisable degree.

To begin with, my financial wellness got off to a slow start with snails pace progress and countless mistakes. It was stressful and chaotic – but with regular baby steps, before I knew it, I had financial freedom in sight giving us the choice to work or not. What a milestone to be approaching from total chaos!

I went from ends barely meeting moneywise and constant stress over this state to being able to see my financial wellness increase before my very own eyes and feel my shoulders drop knowing I had all my bases covered. The peace of mind was immense.

Creating financial wellness does not need to be complex and I created the 90 Days to Financial Wellness program to empower women to master their financial wellness in easy steps and support women who are in a similar place to where I was in 2015.

I’ve worked with women from all sorts of backgrounds from single parents on benefits to some of the corporate power women and have taken financial chaos to financial wellness.

My mission is to teach you how to create financial wellness in your life totally on your terms, aligned with your values and tailored to your individual circumstances and desires with fun and ease.

Financial Wellness gave me freedom and peace of mind and it can for you too.

Why we love what we do…

Peace of Mind

Diversified Income

Financial Freedom

Increased sense of security

Aligned with your values

More return on effort

Creates time freedom

Miminised Risk

Financial Wellness we now do Your way!

The path to Financial Wellness has had to evolve.

Our path to financial wellness works well. Really well. As more people endure more financial hardship, financial wellness is being craved for more and that naturally means more noise and more competition and this means we now have to do more to create the financial wellness and security we desire.

Add to that an ever-increasing overload of information online, social channels, apps and technology… it’s never been harder to capture and maintain attention when we are getting pulled in so many different directions!

But it doesn’t mean “harder work” – it just means we have to do things differently.

I discovered a way of creating financial wellness that catapulted my financial wellness by simply following my 5 pillars with regular baby steps. The path to it was lighter and easier and I actually enjoyed the journey. Instead of constantly worrying about it…. I created my financial wellness around the 5 pillars easily.

One-to-one clients who have completed my 90 Days to Financial Wellness program say things like “I can’t quite believe the progress we have made in just 90 days!”.

90 days to financial wellness is our unique way of supporting you to create the financial wellness level you desire in your life.

Too many people overcomplicate Financial Wellness before they follow my method

“must do all the things”

It can be hard watching people around you achieving financial wellness

On the surface you see ALL the things that you think you’re supposed to be doing…

You end up creating a never-ending to-do list of things that aren’t going to have any real impact.

You spend your time tweaking, tinkering and battling the small stuff instead of focusing on the real needle-movers OR you simply become paralysed doing nothing.

You obsess over a lack of money and STUFF, or what the Jones’s have.

You try to fit your individual circumstances into an archaic wealth framework that doesn’t allow for your needs and desires.

And you spend so much time faffing around with the small stuff that you leave no time for the fundamentals, so you throw some money into the next fad and hope for the best.

Resulting in little-to-no progress, stress, and frustration and “I’m never going to have the sense of financial wellness I desire”.

Let us show you the easier way

90 Days to Financial Wellness is a unique program taking you through our Financial Wellness Method in 90 days.

Financial chaos and stress to financial wellness with a step-by-step plan!

We know what it takes to have financial wellness so we teach you how to implement the right next steps at the right time, and we keep you focused at each step and holding you accountable all the way. Our program takes you from foundational essentials of financial wellness to building multiple assets giving you a diversified income. We show you what works best at each stage and the right next steps for you, your personal circumstances and your skill set.

It’s not a course – it’s a coaching-led experience

The reason we only do this program a few times a year is because it is a coaching-led experience! With all the moving parts of financial wellness you will need support and feedback throughout and our clients get better results when we’re on the journey with them, baby step by baby step.

This isn’t a course with thousands of clients where you get no access to individual support – I am there every step of the way guiding you through. In fact, you’ll feel like you have us on your team.

By the end of our time together you’re going to say “I love money stuff!”.

5 Pillars to Financial Wellness

We are going to walk you through a week by week plan of what you need to do and how to create your financial wellness with more ease. We teach you our method of creating financial wellness with our 90 Days to Financial Wellness program and you’re going to be taken through how to plan, create and bring it to life with us right beside you.

Weekly Financial Wellness Calls

Every Monday we will have a teaching call where Caitriona will teach the topic of the week. Our second weekly call will have a Q&A and accountablity call where you can get your questions answered and share your wins. These calls will help you keep up your energy, address challenges and make tweaks. It’s like having a Financial Wellness wing-woman by your side the whole time!

Proven Templates for your Key Numbers

You will use Caitriona’s tried and tested templates to capture all your key numbers. She will walk you through these until you are crystal clear on them. You will then know what needs your focus. Caitriona will be there to help you go deeper on your numbers and to answer all your individual questions so you are making steps forward every week. This is your chance to get work reviewed and challenges solved fast!

Fast Action Bonus

Fast Action Bonus for first 3 signups (paying in full) get a personalised financial wellness map out session with Caitriona

Is the program right for you?

90 Days to Financial Wellness program is a good fit if…

You are committed to creating the financial wellness you desire.

You are coachable and have an attitude of “I’m going to do what I need to do to sort this for once and for all”.

You’re sick of online courses – this is not a course, its a coaching program.

90 Days to Financial Wellness program is not a good fit if…

You want someone to implement everything for you, you’re better off hiring a Financial Adviser to do that for you.

You want instant results – I’m not a get rich quick coach. Creating financial wellness takes patience and consistency, and it doesn’t happen overnight.

You don’t fully believe you can do this. A can-do attitiude is key you being successful in this.

Not sure if it’s right for you? Ask before you join…

You can get started today for just £333…

Join here now

Pay in Full £997


3 x £333

Your investment includes all of these benefits:
  1. 90 days of my expertise and personal support in our sessions with a small group
  2. Financial Wellness check at the beginning of the program identifying your gaps & priorities
  3. Weekly easy-to-follow training based on the 5 pillars of financial wellness
  4. Weekly Q&A and accountability sessions
  5. Expert adviser sessions on protection, wills and healing your old money stories
  6. Recordings of all live calls
  7. Fabulously supportive community
  8. Key templates for your tracking, net worth and retirement planning
  9. Recommended tools and resources for all your financial wellness needs

Here’s what some of my lovely clients say….

Esther Pic

Working through the 90 day programme with Caitriona has been life changing.  Caitriona helped ease the pain and fear of delving deep into our finances.  With her guidance, support and reassurance we set up a budget plan and have started upon a path to a hopefully a much more secure financial future for our family. She has a vast knowledge and a wealth of experience which help us decide on what is best for us. As a working mum of 3 I needed this to be a manageable process and it really has been! Thank you Caitriona

Esther -Corporate Employee and Mum

Glyn Edge

It’s well worth it. If you want to get a handle on your finances this course will help you every step of the way.

Caitriona is down-to-earth, realistic, and talks with first-hand experience about the unexpected challenges and obstacles that can appear in front of you. We’ve seen in real time how Caitriona has dealt with issues that have come up for her. It’s refreshing to feel like a course tutor “gets” what life is like. Committing to the course gave me such motivation and determination that I actually cleared my credit card balance by day 60, which I would never in a million years have thought possible! What Caitriona says is absolutely true – once you start giving it your attention, miraculous things start to happen!”

Glyn Edge – Mum & Business Owner

Catrina Callinster Pic

Caitriona has given me so much great advice, support with my finances and business motivation that I’m now in a completely different mindset. I’m now in control of my financial future instead of being in a constant state of ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’. I can’t thank Caitriona enough for the all the advice and support, without her I dread to think of where I’d be.

Catrina – Entrepreneur, jeweller and founder of Noodle & Meow & Mum.

Michelle Mc

Do it, you may not believe that through doing it the universe brings great things your way. I didn’t believe in the universe having an influence on my life but it has.

Michelle McIymont – Teacher and Property Investor.

Amanda Alexander

If you want accountability, relatability and simplicity, then this is for you.

Amanda Alexander – Mum, Entrepreneur and Property Investor

Heidi Bamford

I would say if you find your financial situation a mess or overwhelming or you simply want to put your focus on getting clear and forwarding your financial plans and learning a few different strategies, then this is a great way to do that in a structured way and with a supportive group.

Dr. Heidi Bamford– Business Owner & Property Investor


Carola Moon

Caitriona came to my rescue when I was having a panicked moment about my financial independence (or the lack thereof). On our zoom call, she guided me calmly and reassuringly to look where I hadn’t dared to look: at my financial situation. She asked me a series of questions to take a temperature check of my finances and broke down the next steps for me. Instead of feeling the previous dread and panic, I felt inspired to make headway with some of the topics: I already went to get an overview of my current pension forecast. I’m excited to join Caitriona’s financial wellness week and continue to make steady steps to financial independence

Carola Moon – Entrepreneur, Personal Brand Photographer & Mum


Kerry Taylor

Sign up ! You won’t regret it. Caitriona is an excellent teacher who provides great support throughout the program. Simplifying what can be a very difficult and confusing area.

Kerry Taylor – Travel Industry Employee & Life Lover

Shona Phim

Caitriona Ellis has been a real inspiration to me. Hearing her story and seeing how far she has come, has truly inspired me. We have been talking for nearly a year and Caitriona has always been so supportive of me and my goals. But not only does she give me encouragement on my business journey, she also helps me see through the struggles of day to day life. Caitriona regularly messages me to check in and offer me support in what ever way she can.

Shona Phim – Head Teacher & Entrepreneur 

Debi Richens

I would highly recommend this course – it has really helped me to have more confidence in my own thoughts about how I am restructuring and supporting myself to get back onto an even keel financially and to keep building forwards to create more financial abunance.

Debi Richens – Emotional Resilience Coach

Rosemary pic

Caitriona has been helping me look at my whole financial situation. Caitriona checking in for accountability has been really helpful to keep me focused. Also her wealth of knowledge and her caring nature always answering my questions or guiding me to find the answers has opened me up to so many possibilities I had not thought possible. I’m still early on in the journey and at times found it overwhelming, but with Caitriona’s guidance and support I’m definitely going  in the right direction. Thank you for your help and kindness Rosemary

Rosemary Donohue – Owner of Workwell


What are the program dates?

The program begins on January 24th and runs for 13 weeks, finishing week of 18th April.

Will I get any 1 to 1 time with Caitriona?

All clients in the 90 day program can speak directly once per week  in the group calls to Caitriona and have their personalised questions answered. She will be in our private Facebook group daily (Monday – Friday) supporting you. You will always feel like you are getting personal support.

How do I know if this program is right for me and my circumstances?

Caitriona always advises to make your decisions on gut instinct. If you feel like Caitriona is the person to support you on your financial wellness journey, then join her program. If this doesn’t feel right to you, do what your gut instinct feels is the right next step for you. There will never be a perfect time to do this or any work, so if it’s good enough timing, then go for it. If you aren’t sure and have some questions you’d like answered, drop us an email and we can have a chat first.

What are the advantages of signing up for 90 Days to Financial Wellness program?

Previous participants from Caitriona’s 90 days program have said that the top 3 benefits to the program are simplicity, motivation and accountability. Participants have gotten clarity on what their vision of financial wellness is. They completed a personalised financial wellness checklist which identified their current gaps and this informed the goals they set for the 90 day program. The spent their 90 days then with Caitriona’s support, guidance and motivation achieving those goals. Their achievements have varied from aceing their tracking, significantly improving their relationship with money, installing very health money habits, setting up their investment accounts, blitzing their credit card debt, sorting their wills and protection out and some are already on the road to investing in property. All of this was achieved within 90 days! What could you do with 90 days with Caitriona by your side?

What is your refund policy?

You have 7 days to decide if the program is right for you and can contact us for a full refund. After 7 days, no refunds are allowed.

I hate numbers, will I be able to do this?

Many of our clients say they “hate numbers” before they start working with us – but the thing we always focus on is simplicity because if you’re stressed, your journey to financial wellness won’t feel fun and it will become a chore, which is not what we want. We’ve turned number-hating, money-stuff avoiders into financial wellness fans and we can’t wait to show just how easy it can be. You’ll be coached through it all with easy-to-follow training and lots of support in the community too.

How much money do I need to have available to build my financial wellness?

You know from Caitriona’s story that she started her investment journey with €20. Caitriona also helps you find money in places you hadn’t considered before. She also gets you exploring other streams of income.  Her approach is to scale your financial wellness over time as you educate yourself and open your mind to the infinite amount of possibilities around you. Many of the tools we recommend are free or low-cost because we’d rather you invest money in growing your asset pots.

Will I really have a better sense of financial wellness in 90 days?

Yes! Absolutely! But YOU will need to do the work. We cannot do this for you. All of our clients have actually saved the price of the 90 days program back within the first 30 days of the program. Caitriona has built the 90 days program so that it doesn’t overwhelm you. If you’re prepared to put in the hard work, be brave and stay focused then there is no reason why you can’t successfully up level your financial wellness in 90 days. Read the testimonials below from ladies who have all benefited from working with Caitriona and see how with your commitment, you could be writing a testimonial like this in 90 days, or less!

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